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Tara Haskins

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Mariann Donley

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Carol Taylor


"This was an exploratory study that examined how board games affect students' motivation and learning of content about science (Physics). Quasi-Experiment research was used to determine the academic effects of the board game as well as an attitudinal survey to evaluate motivation. Participants were selected by a convenience sample from undergraduate courses in the Department of Education at a regional university. Participants were taught by two methods: using a board game and traditional (lecture). Participants in both groups gave a pretest to determine their knowledge of physics followed by posttest to determine their retention after using the board game, or traditional method. An attitudinal survey was given after each setting for participants to evaluate their impression about their motivation to learn, increasing social skills, and enhancing critical thinking about either method. Findings of the study suggested that the board game should be used to help students develop their content knowledge of physics, motivate them to learn, increase their social skills, and enhance critical thinking"--Document.


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