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Master of Science (MS) in Communications


Communication Studies


"How well individuals relate to their assigned organization is vital to the organizations' success. The lack of communication within an organization is often to blame for the shortcomings of the organization. Other associated factors that lead to the dysfunction of an organization are the lack of understanding or acceptance of the values of the organization and the lack of being able to identify with the mission or values of the organization. This thesis examines how organizations internally communicate and assess the satisfaction levels of individuals within an organization in how well the organizational communication performs within the organization. In addition, this thesis reviews the collective perception of the identity of the organization and will examine how individuals within the organization relate to the overall identity and values of the organization. Finally, the thesis reviews how individuals within the organization assess and identify with the values of the organization. Using a communication satisfaction survey and observations of a sub-group known as the Student Affairs Professional Development Committee, this paper will attempt to answer the following questions. Can the self-assessment of an organization improve communication efforts within the organization? How effective is organizational self- assessment in impacting the cultural and climate change of an organization? How effective can organizational self-assessment be in assisting with the development of common values and identity among individuals within the organization? In using the information gained by the organizational self-assessment, can the use of a sub-group within the larger organization be an effective tool in breaking down silos and correcting the dysfunctional symptoms that exist within the larger organization?"--Document


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