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Dr. Lynn Briggs

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The purpose of this project is redesigning Patterson Hall’s English and Philosophy billboard to inspire students to join the department. English and Philosophy are important, interdisciplinary skills that can transcend into various careers. By creating a thought-provoking billboard, we hope to inspire current and future undergraduates to choose an English or Philosophy Major.

One of the biggest obstacles these programs face is overcoming the preconceived notions surrounding them. By informing students of the countless interdisciplinary skills these programs teach, as well as detailing alumni/famous figures who do not immediately induce thoughts of English or philosophy, we can pull students from a wider background as they see how these skills will help fulfil their dreams.

Our group went about this process by first interviewing several professors within the EWU English and Philosophy departments, as well as a few outside sources. Through these interviews, we gathered various perspectives and thoughts in which we were able to incorporate into our billboard design. One of the reoccurring themes we obtained through these interviews is to transform or find yourself on the page.

The billboard will be focused on what the student wants out of their future and how English and Philosophy can help them to reach that goal. The aim is to bring the focus back on the student as the board catches their eye, and hopefully helps them to reexamine themselves before declaring an English or Philosophy major.