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Dr. Brian Buchanan

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Spring 5-11-2022




EWU contains a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees across its campus, providing several benefits. However, no comprehensive record exists of the total number, location, species, or ages of these trees. This knowledge can inform facilities of proper care for individual trees and can be used to estimate carbon sequestration on campus. Traditional on-the-ground methods for assessing trees require tree cores or clinometers, making trees susceptible to pests or disease and leading to inaccurate results. Remote sensing using lidar data is a noninvasive, more precise method to measure tree height and subsequently assess tree age. This poster explores using point clouds to 1) create a thorough record of evergreen trees on campus as deciduous trees have not yet produced foliage, making it difficult to identify species, 2) estimate carbon sequestered by campus trees, and 3) project optimal locations to plant individual species of trees on the Cheney campus.

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