Faculty Mentor

Rosalee Allan, FACHE

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2022


Health Services Administration


The abuse of prescription pain medication has risen to exponential levels in the United States within the past few years, leading to overdose deaths. The opioid epidemic sparked the popularity of the use of Fentanyl due to its highly potent pain-fighting properties. What was once approved to manage pain symptoms for cancer patients is now being used by thousands of young individuals irresponsibly and poses a threat to the health of our population. It is also becoming increasingly common worldwide to find this synthetic opioid mixed with other illicit drugs.

The scope of the research focuses on studies on self-medication due to mental disorders. The research will be conducted through a literature review and include a statistical review and available data sets.

The study aims to present a synthesized review of the relationship between fentanyl abuse in young adults and mental illnesses. Is the increase in fentanyl substance abuse amongst young adults related to mental health disorders?

It is hoped that this study will bring awareness to the fentanyl epidemic, the influence that mental health factors have on a person becoming a fentanyl user, and alternative ways people can get involved to help aid this matter.