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Rosalee Allan

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Spring 5-2020


Health Services Administration


Drug abuse is considered to be the leading problem facing the world and is ranked the first in the list of the top 10 major issues affecting the world population. Abuse of narcotics among youth continues to be a major threat to society as it affects not only the health conditions of the users but is also associated with some secondary impacts, which could include increased immorality and insecurity. Many of the narcotics abusers have different reasons for engaging in the vice. Some of the reasons include family issues or exposure to psychological pressure or shock or depression, or they want a different feeling experience, and others may reasons to develop this bad habit.

Addiction to narcotics is dangerous to society as it causes great harm to the user, the user's family, those around , them and the community in which they live. However, people still manufacture and sell it regardless of the harm it causes. Most of these manufacturers and sellers are so obliged to make a profit in the illegal business such that they would not dare quit. Users, on the other hand, are still ignorant about drug abuse regardless of unending campaigns concerning the adverse effects. According to Drake Linda, the war on drugs is useless unless they prosecute the merchants who exploit vulnerable people.

The purpose of this project is to clarify the reason for the continued manufacture, dissemination, and usage of banned drugs with an agreement on how dangerous it is to human health.

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