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A strong scholarly focus in Sudanese studies has come to life corresponding to the increased interest in Sudan’s past, present conflicts, and a long period of war throughout various regions. Many scholars have extensively explored the war and genocide in Darfur and made a plentiful contribution to the literature on otherwise limited Sudanese studies. The focus of this research is the genocide in Darfur and the international response. First, this study will examine three hypotheses drawn from political science literature in Sudanese studies with special analysis of Alex de Waal’s center-periphery hypothesis in Sudan (2007), assessing how the government of Sudan used the conflict as tool and strategy to exploit and displace the peripheries. The second focus of this study is to analyze the conflict and the failed international response to the Darfur genocide from the perspectives of Sudanese in the diaspora. While the international response to Darfur is widely acknowledged as weak and failure, the study investigates these sentiments from the perceptions of Sudanese/Darfurians in the diaspora with a survey analysis (N=32). A combined analysis of current literature on Darfur with the surveys will reveal a perceived nature and solution to the contemporary crisis as well as the future of Darfur at the height of the international presence. The survey result ensures a contribution of unique perspectives to the current literature on Darfur conflict and Sudanese studies. By combining the voices of Darfurians in the diaspora with present literature on Darfur conflict, the goal of this research is to revisit the Darfur genocide, the ongoing conflict/war that is being forgotten by the international community, and to predict the future of this region under its current circumstances.

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