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Rosalee Allan

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Health Services Administration


The number of high-risk contagious threats continues to increase; some of these are re-emerging and others are brand new. As the United States continues to combat the current COVID-19 virus, the need to sustain healthier lifestyles is forward-thinking and relevant to everyday lives. In this project, secondary research methods are used to increase the overall effectiveness of what is found in this study. During every pandemic, it can be both a challenging and frightening time for the senior citizens, babies, and every age in between to function in their normal lives. Overall, a significant amount of people are unaware of what steps need to be taken in order to decrease or eliminate outbreaks. The purpose of this study is to indicate how it is important to recognize and communicate all types of preventative measures and practices that can help contribute to these transitions as Americans attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is in great hopes that this study can bring awareness to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to not only put a pause, but an ultimate end to current and future outbreaks of any kind.