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Dr. Galina Sinekopova

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Spring 5-17-2020


Communication Studies


Giving in the form of donations is crucial to a university’s success. A lot of research has been done on alumni giving, it’s the importance, and why alumni give, but little research has been conducted on how to get current students involved and what’s important to them. In this presentation, I will be discussing the theoretical approaches used to understand alumni giving and how we can translate the relationship marketing theory to get current students to donate to their future alumna matter. I conducted a pilot study wherein I asked current students if they would donate to Eastern Washington University (EWU) after they graduated and why or why not they would donate to EWU. My study suggests that students' positive experiences with their sororities/fraternities and the opportunities that EWU provided them encourage them to want to give back. It also suggests that students value other organizations and don’t see the importance of donating when they have already paid tuition. It’s important to understand the reasoning behind these answers and discuss the possibilities of things that EWU could do in the future to further influence the students who

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