Nathan L. Boyd

Faculty Mentor

Rosalee Allan

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Spring 5-1-2020


Health Services Administration


College students must manage a great deal of stress, including heavy loads of coursework, deadlines, finances, families, working part-time or full-time, and choosing their lifelong careers. The Center for Collegiate Mental Health has reported that stress, anxiety, and depression (SAD) are the leading reasons that students reach out for mental health services. However, stigma has been identified as the primary barrier to treatment. Students should be encouraged to seek the help of medical professionals and develop healthy habits because these serious conditions can negatively affect educational performance, work performance, and quality of life. Secondary research methods will be used to analyze evidence-based publications and obtain detailed information. The literature analysis will identify the scale of the issue, the effect of stigma, and reliable actions students can take for their health. The purpose of this research is to generate mental health awareness for existing and future college students, reduce stigma, and equip students with healthy techniques for coping with and combating these conditions. It is important that these issues be addressed in order to enhance the education, health, and overall well-being of students worldwide.

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