Eat the Poor

Faculty Mentor

Thomas Hawley


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Document Type

Oral Presentation

Publication Date

Spring 6-20-2020


Race and Culture Studies


The income gap within the United States continues to widen. Simultaneously, neoliberalism is beginning to crumble, as the poor continue to suffer under exploitative conditions. The concept of othering will be analyzed through the analysis of other scholarly work. To understand neoliberal action of othering through the tenant it carries of responsibilization. The act of responsibilization creates competition within surviving communities allowing for the further widening opportunities for income disparities without systems for accountability. Utilizing feminist contemporary thought and self-reflexivity, a mixed-method approach facilitates the understanding of othering that occurs in neoliberalist influenced institutions. Using historical accounts, this research will look at othering through the lens of African American women and their encounters with discrimination. Grassroots movements are explored as a solution to resisting the othering that happens in neoliberal societies. Finally, this essay opens the discussion to understand one’s own identities to understand income inequality and its connection to its widening gap.

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