Accessible Extensive Reading for Japanese Language Learners

Faculty Mentor

Erina Romanowich, Gina Petrie


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Oral Presentation

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Modern Languages and Literatures


There is a lack of graded-reading material available to the novice-level Japanese language learner. The resources that do exist are hard to find and/or expensive to purchase. Based on a recent web search, there are free online graded-reading materials. However, without clear guidance, these materials can be difficult for novice-level students to navigate. This project focuses on this problem by providing a “one-stop” website with graded-reader books for students to read outside of class by compiling graded-readers from other places on the internet. In addition, the project expects to lead to the creation of graded-reading materials by intermediate-level students.

Providing the language students the opportunity of reading for enjoyment at the students’ language comprehension level--otherwise known as extensive reading--is a very powerful tool for learners (Liu & Zhang, 2018). Japanese language learners at EWU could benefit greatly by reading for fun and learning through the benefits of extensive reading.

Our project was a two-step process. First, gather information and links to available resources. Second, assist students in reading so they can eventually write their own stories.

In the future, we expect to create a cycle where novice-level students read extensively to support their learning and after reaching a lower-intermediate level, those students will create stories to stand alongside the same ones that they read. This process will create a large selection for students to pick from to read for fun, for free.

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