North Fork Deep Creek Watershed (Stevens County, Washington): A proposed assessment of the sources and fates of sediment and nutrients

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Ross Black


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Oral Presentation

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The purpose of the project is to quantify nutrient and sediment loading in Deep Lake. Deep Lake is located northeast of Colville in Stevens County, WA and has drawn concern by homeowners around the lake. Deep Lake has been identified as a lake experiencing excessive nutrient loading and subsequent summer anoxia. Nutrient loading and anoxia are harmful to all lake ecosystems with the potential to cause large fish die offs. The nutrients that cause these harmful events when in abundance are nitrogen and phosphorus. Nitrogen and phosphorus are in every limnetic ecosystem and are crucial for many organisms in the lake. The nutrients in a lake should be monitored and addressed if they are abundant. The projects goal of quantifying nutrient and sediment loading will be achieved by water quality analysis of the lake and the stream that enters and exits the lake. The water quality analysis of the samples from the lake, the stream, and the streams tributaries will quantify the nutrients and sediment that are throughout the watershed and the lake. In addition to the water quality analysis that will be done, physical characteristics of the lake and watershed will be taken. These characteristics include pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, lake water clarity, and stream discharge. With the information that is obtained from this study we will be able to identify sources where high nutrient and sediment loading is occurring and provide local stake holders with the tools to mitigate nutrient loading in Deep Lake.

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