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Margot Casstevens

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Creative Work

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Spring 5-27-2020




I have been fascinated by the processes of traditional hand printmaking techniques. (Relief, Lithography, Collagraph and Etching). Comics have also been a passion of mine for over ten years. I wanted to combine these two passions, comics and printmaking, into one work of art. It is a joy to create worlds and stories that people can dive into, engage with, and enjoy. My current project, The Adventures of Crazy Space Pigeon and Catowl, is aimed at creating one such world. The three stories in the book follow my two characters and their imaginary adventures. The book platform is created using Relief block printmaking, with mixed media additions, including colored rice paper and Copic markers. The process of creating this comic book has been challenging but satisfying and I hope that others feel some of the pleasure that went into this.

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