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Rie Kobayashi

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Spring 5-15-2019


Social Work


A Culture Change Presentation about Creating Dementia Friendly Communities that support residents who are affected by Dementia remaining integrated in their community through supports and community trainings. According to the Dementia Action Collaborative of Washington State, over 100,000 people live with Dementia’s or Alzheimer’s in Washington with that number continuing to grow. Our society and culture is not equipped with the tools to help them lead productive, purposeful lives. Currently, the population affected by Dementia is placed in institutional care communities where they are considered safe and well taken care of. Using the behavior strategies and culture change tools presented by Al Power at the Regional Alzheimer’s Association Convention, the community will learn how to empower a person through trust, dignity and respect. Reducing stigma around Dementia creates safe inclusive communities where people can live to their fullest potential within their home community. The information will be presented in a literature review format so as to highlight specific aspects of the approaches outlined by Dr. Al Power As a person shifts the way they experience the world, the world can shift how they experience the person.

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