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Performance Title

Winter Choral Concert



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All Creatures Now Are Merry Minded / John Bennett
Performer: EWU Chamber Choir

Ubi Caritas / arr. Maurice Durufle
Performer: EWU Chamber Choir

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis / arr. Reginald Unterseher
Performer: EWU Chamber Choir

The Heart's City / Bill Whelan
Performer: EWU Chamber Choir, Kristen Nauditt

The Cloths of Heaven / William Butler Yeats, Z. Randall Stroop
Performer: EWU Concert Choir

Veniki / Russian Folk Song/ arr. Feodosiy Rubtsov
Performer: EWU Concert Choir

Ave Verum Corpus / Pope Innocent VI/ Arr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performer: EWU Concert Choir

The Storm is Passing Over / Charles A. Tindley/ arr. Barbara Baker
Performer: EWU Concert Choir, Stacia Scofield, Rachel Ladines, Brittney Coleman, Ian Gonzales, Steven Heffner

Bonse Aba / Zambian Song/ arr. Andrew Fischer
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir, Gregory Holtz, Shannon Baker, Joseph Haug

Water Night / Octavio Paz, Eric Whitacre
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir

Sure on this Shining Night / James Agee, Morten Lauridsen
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir, Courtney Holmes

Ain-a-that Good News / William Levi Dawson
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir

Officer Krupke / Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein/ arr. Ed Lojeski
Performer: EWU Symphonic Choir, Adam Peterson, Matt Danielson, Farid Moaveni, Michael Elledge, Nathan Heard, Justin Gray, Mark Woodman, Josh Hoyer, Brian McDougall, Gregory Holtz, Courtney Holmes

All of Me / Gerald Marks, Seymour Simmons/ arr. Nathan Lansing
Performer: EWU Vocal Jazz, David Hanes, Rachel Malyshef

Where Do You Start / Bergman, Mandel/arr. Dave Barduhn
Performer: EWU Vocal Jazz, Brittany Way

Blizzard of Lies / David Frishberg/arr. Melbourne Grey
Performer: EWU Vocal Jazz, Gregory Holtz, Rachel Malyshef, Ian Dixon, Debrah Branch, Farid Maoveni, Robin Ried

Swingin' 'till the Girls Come Home / Lambert, Hendricks, Ross/ arr. David Cazier
Performer: EWU Vocal Jazz, Sara Magleby, Gregory Holtz, Anna Welch

Just Goofin' / Jerry Jones, Rob Hyatt/arr. Rob Hyatt
Performer: EWU Collegians, Paul Camarillo, Kristen Nauditt, Lizzy Mosback, Rachel Mehal, Kyle Smith

Until I met You / Donald E. Wolf, Freddie Green
Performer: EWU Collegians, Rachel Mehal, Kristen Nauditt, Mark Branscom, Brian McDougall, Shad Gallaway

Here's to Life / Phyllis Molinary, Artie Butler/arr. Dave Barduhn
Performer: EWU Collegians, Lizzy Mosback

Love for Sale / Cole Porter/arr. Michele Weir
Performer: EWU Collegians, Stacy Baylon, Nori Hanzawa, Brian McDougall



Performance Date

Winter 3-13-2009

Performance Type

Other Performance




No recorded recital received.

Winter Choral Concert