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Concerto in Re majeur / G. Torelli
Performers: Alex Wolfe

Andante et Allegretto / G. Balay
Performers: Skylar Balay

Sonata / F. Peeters
Performers: Kyle Nash

Concertino / S. Hering
Performers: Jordan Braendlein

Vocalise / S. Rachmaninof
Performers: Tristan Dodson

Andante et Allegro / G. Ropartz
Performers: Sean Gienapp

Scherzo from Aria et Scherzo / A. Aroutiounian
Performers: Megan Wedel

Concerto in F minor / O. Boemhe
Performers: Migel Maldonado

Concert Etude / A. Goedicke
Performers: Josh Wisswell

Sonata / H. Stevens
Performers: Peter Knutson

Intrada / J. Turrin
Performers: Erica Trembly

Concerto / V. Giannini
Performers: Jesse Flanagan

Sonata / T. Hansen
Performers: Liz Bradstreet

Concerto / J. Altenburg

The Storm's Path / B. Balmages
Performers: EWU Trumpet Ensemble



Performance Date

Winter 3-11-2009

Performance Type

Other Performance




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Trumpet Solo Night