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Nda Wana / African Traditional/arr. Michael Barrett
Performer: EWU

Homage / Gwyneth Walker

Refuge, from Sing Evermore / Gwyneth Walker, Sara Teasdale
Performer: EWU Concert Choir

Do Not Go Gentle / Douglas Gade, Dylan Thomas

The Caged Bird Sings / Gwyneth Walker, Paul Laurence Dunbar

Te Quiero / Alberto Favero, Liliana Cangiano
Performer: Melissa Gren, Brian Rebar, Jillian McCord, Braden House, EWU Symphonic Choir

To Sins is to Fly / Gwyneth Walker, Joan Baez
Performer: Sopranos and Altos of EWU Symphonic Choir, Sopranos and Altos of EWU Concert Choir

Human / Ian Loe
Performer: EWU Guitar Ensemble

Murder by Numbers / Andy Summers, Sting/arr. Kerry Marsh

Those Clouds are Heavy, You Dig? / Kurt Elling, Rainer Maria Rilke

Compared to What / Eugene McDaniels/arr.Kerry March
Performer: EWU Collegians

Prayer of the Children / Kurt Bestor/arr. Andrea Klouse
Performer: Tenors and Basses of the EWU Symphonic Choir, Tenors and Basses of the EWU Concert Choir

Everyone Sang / Gwyneth Walker, Siegfried Sassoon
Performer: EWU Concert Choir, EWU Collegians, EWU Guitar Ensemble, EWU Symphonic Choir



Performance Date

Spring 6-8-2017

Performance Type

Other Performance




No recorded recital received.

Dissonance for Dissidents Choral Concert