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String Quartet / Diana Viskova
Performer: Ethan Seid, Philip Pintor, James Marshall, Tim Gales

A Hero's Journey / Samuel Jenkin s
Performer: Erica Pollard, Richard Shockley, William Fisher, Cheyan Nelson, Kim Snow

Tone Trial / Tim Gales
Performer: Tim Gales

Scenery by the Shore / Diana Viskova
Performer: Richard Shockley, Tim Gales, Carl Christensen, Diana Viskova

Blisters / Carl Christensen
Performer: Carl Christensen, Grace Fishel, Brenden Bachaud, Autumn Tucker, Andres Martinez-Rocha, Spencer Rye, Aaron Sturgill, Austin Davis

Elements / Nathan Sumerlin
Performer: Ethan Seid, Philip Pintor, James Marshall, Karen Hawkins

B.O.B. (Blue, Orange, Blue) / Matt Henson
Performer: Grace Fishel, Brenden Bachaud, Taylor Smith, Tim Rooney, Matt Henson, Nick Walsh, Tim Gales, Willie Weppler, Wade Taylor, Kyle Labish, Gavin Davis

None of Us are Saints / Carl Christensen
Performer: Erica Pollard, Nick Walsh, Matt Henson, Richard Shockley, Nathan James, Kim Snow, Billy Taylor, Carl Christensen, Chaz Ryan, Aaron Sturgill, Austin Davis, Spencer Rye, Andres Martinez-Rocha

Existence / Wade Taylor
Performer: Rachel Hansen, Willie Weppler, Wade Taylor, Chaz Ryan, Aaron Sturgill, Gavin Davis

Performance Date

Winter 2-27-2018

Performance Type

Student Performance




No recorded recital received.

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