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Percussion Solo Night



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Grand Ambulation of the Bb Zombies / John Bergamo

O Herre Gott, Dein Gottlich Wort / J.S. Bach/arr. Waldrop

Prelude and Gigue from Cello Suite #1 in G Major / J.S. Bach
Performer: Jon Williams

Chant 11WP (Taku Te) /Cheryl Grosso

Gitano Mvt. II / Alice Gomez
Performer: Andres Martinez

Rite of Passage / Jesse Monkman
Performer: Aaron Sturgill

Work Harder, Smile Less / Carl Christensen
Performer: Carl Christensen

Call Me Maybe / Jepsen, Ramsay, Crowe/arr. Ralston

Unser Vater in Himmelreich / J.S. Bach/arr. Waldrop

Prelude from Cello Suite #2 in D Minor / J.S. Bach
Performer: Austin Davis

Catching Shadows / Ivan Trevino
Performer: Jon Williams,Austin Davis

Parody / Jesse Monkman
Performer: Spencer Rye

Astral Dance / Gordon Stout
Performer: Kyle Labish

Minus Nine / David Madeira
Performer: Austin Davis,Kyle Labish,Ryan Chapman,Carl Christensen,Tim Gales,Noel Jabagat,James Marshall,Phil Pinter

Suite for Solo Drumset and Percussion Ensemble / Dave Mancini
Performer: Gavin Davis



Performance Date

Spring 5-30-2018

Performance Type

Student Performance



Percussion Solo Night