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Trumpet Solo Night

Performance Title

Trumpet Solo Night



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Canzon / Samuel Scheidt
Performer: Nathan James, Jay Jones, Andy Plamondon

Earthscape / David Marlatt
Performer: EWU Trumpet Ensemble

L'Enfant Grec / Michel DelGiudice
Performer: Nathan James

Aria et Allegro / Antonio F. Tenaglia
Performer: Jarret Wirun

Petite Piece Concertante / Guillaume Balay
Performer: Colton Siegel

Prayer of St. Gregory / Alan Hovahness
Performer: Leslie Kolke

Sonata / Flor Peeters
Performer: Jay Jones

Concerto / Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Performer: Mattias Tyni

Under the Western Skies / Kevin McKee
Performer: Sean Gienapp, Andy Plamondon

Concert Fanfare / Eric Ewazen
Performer: EWU Trumpet Ensemble



Performance Date

Winter 3-6-2018

Performance Type

Student Performance



Trumpet Solo Night