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Scene Spectacular! Opera Performance



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Benedette queste carte!
Performer: Jillian McCord,Brodin Jone,Company

Pirate King
Performer: Braden N. House,Brodin Jones,Company

Una volta c'era un re
Performer: Alexandra Rannow,Rachel Hansen,Cheyan Nelson,Benjamin Fischer

Agony I
Performer: Brodin James,Benjamin Fischer

Performer: Melissa Gren

O del mio amato ben
Performer: Brodin Jones

Je veux vivre
Performer: Kristina Vakulich

Spring Will Come Again
Performer: Brodin Jones,Rachael Hansen

Smell of Rebellion
Performer: Emily Eichelberger,Grace Rowe

Getting Married Today
Performer: Brodin Jones,Bridgid Burgard,Kristina Vakulich

Je fremis, je chancelle
Performer: Jillian McCord,Braden N. House

Agony II
Performer: Brodin Jones,Benjamin Fischer

Paradox Trio
Performer: Braden N. House,Lydia Edgerton

La Principessa
Performer: Melissa Gren,Kristina Vakulich

Hear My Song
Performer: Emily Eichelberger,Jillian McCord,Lydia Edgerton



Performance Date

Winter 2-23-2018

Performance Type

Student Performance



Scene Spectacular! Opera Performance