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Trumpet Solo Night



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Concert Etude / Alexander Geodicke
Performer: Corey Oglesbee, Carol Miyamoto
(4mn 13s)

Bliss / Eric Whitacre, Arr. Andy Plamondon
Performer: EWU Trumpet Ensemble
(5mn 23s)

Cyclone / Erik Morales
Performer: EWU Trumpet Ensemble
(7mn 37s)

L'enfant Grec, Carol Miyamoto / Michel Delgiudice
Performer: Jay Jones
(5mn 4s)

Choral Contemlatif / Kees Schoonenbeek
Performer: Joseph Youmans, Lauren McKinley
(5mn 59s)

Sonata for Trumpet & Piano - I. With strength & vigor / Kent Kennan
Performer: Joshua Wisswell, Carol Miyamoto
(6mn 23s)

Sonata VIII - I. Prelude, II. Allemande, III. Sarabande, IV. Gigue / Arangelo Corelli
Performer: Kyle Housden, Carol Miyamoto
(8mn 15s)

Prayer of Saint Gregory / Alan Hovhaness
Performer: Megan Wedel, Carol Miyamoto
(6mn 19s)

Sonata for Trumpet & Piano - III. Allegro con Fuoco / Eric Ewazen
Performer: Monty Boldt, Carol Miyamoto
(5mn 39s)

Solo de Concours / Theo Charlier
Performer: Nathan James, Carol Miyamoto
(8mn 8s)

Andante et Allegretto / Guillame Balay
Performer: Sean Gienapp, Carol Miyamoto
(5mn 23s)

Fanfarette / Heinz Schroeter
Performer: Sklyar Belfry
(3mn 2s)

Intrada / Joseph Turrin
Performer: Spencer Blake, Carol Miyamoto
(5mn 40s)

Concerto in D Major - I. Allegro, II. Adagio, III. Allegro / Giuseppe Torelli
Performer: Taylor Smith, Carol Miyamoto
(4mn 31s)

Sonata for Trumpet & Piano - I. Allegro Moderato / Halsey Stevens
Performer: Tim Blaydon, Carol Miyamoto
(6mn 39s)

Contradanza / Paquito D'Rivera
Performer: Tristan Dodson, Carol Miyamoto
(2mn 34s)



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Trumpet Solo Night