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Trumpet Solo Night



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Sonata Adagio / A. Hailstork
Performer: Alex Wolfe
(7mn 43s)

Trumpeter's Lullaby / L. Anderson
Performer: Ben Cushman
(2mn 5s)

Concert Etude / A. Goediecke
Performer: Chris Knox
(3mn 51s)

Rondo for Life / L. Bernstein
Performer: Courtney McDonald
(3mn 18s)

Badinage for Trumpet Sextet / R. Cioffari
Performer: EWU Trumpet Ensemble directed by Andy Plamondon
(3mn 35s)

Three Bagatelles Caprice / F. Tull
Performer: Jesse Flanagan
(2mn 53s)

Concert Schertzo / A. Arutiunian
Performer: Joseph Yeomans
(3mn 48s)

Vocalise Opus 14 / S. Rachmaninoff
Performer: Josh Wisswell
(3mn 5s)

Sonata #8: Prelude, Gigue / A. Corelli
Performer: Kyle Nash
(3mn 7s)

Waltz Opus 1 / A. Scriabin
Performer: Matt Holloway
(3mn 49s)

Sonata Allegro Con Brio / T. Hansen
Performer: Megan Wedel
(3mn 19s)

Contempora Suite, Sarabande, Allemande / V. Young
Performer: Michael Landhammer
(2mn 33s)

Concerto Rondo / N. Hummel
Performer: Miguel Maldenado
(3mn 59s)

Badinage / E. Bozza
Performer: Sean Gienapp
(3mn 26s)

Enjoying Life / I. Erod
Performer: Skylar Belfry
(1mn 34s)

Sonata Moderato / H. Stevens
Performer: Spencer Blake
(5mn 49s)

Sonate for Trumpet & Piano Mit Kraft / P. Hindemith
Performer: Taylor Smith
(5mn 20s)

L'Enfant Grec / M. DelGiudice
Performer: Tristan Dodson
(6mn 14s)



Performance Date

Winter 2010

Performance Type

Other Performance



Trumpet Solo Night