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Ghostly Composers (Show #2)

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Ghostly Composers (Show #2)



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Variation II in the Manner of Beethoven / Mario Braggiotti
Performer: Acea Sands, Peter Underhill
(3mn 12s)

Concerto for 4 Keyboards BWV 1065 in A minor / J.S. Bach
Performer: Aline Fletcher, Carolyn Stuart, Ann Krugel, Joyce Kelly
(3mn 39s)

Variation IV in the Manner of Debussy / Mario Braggiotti
Performer: Brielle Cosgrove, Madalena Campbell
(2mn 35s)

Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 / Ludwig van Beethoven
Performer: Colleen Hunter, Margee Webster, Joyce Kelly, Ann Krugel, Cynthia Munson, Marlene Haney, Jennifer Morgan, Joyce Hawkins, Karlyn Brett, Mary Simpson, Kay Heberling
(14mn 29s)

Variation V in the Manner of Gershwin / Mario Braggiotti
Performer: Dayde Collins, Emily Vermillion
(4mn 16s)

Polonaise, Op. 40, No. 1 in A Major / Frederic Chopin
Performer: Dr. David Rostkoski, Laurie Eash, Kristy Purkett, Heather Safe
(4mn 7s)

Hungerian Rhapsody No. 2 in C minor / Franz Liszt
Performer: Dr. Jody Graves, Cheryl Green, Karlyn Brett, Barbara Heckenlively
(11mn 22s)

Porgy and Bess Fantasy / George Gershwin, Arr. Percy Grainger
Performer: Greg Presley, Rachelle Ventura, Karlyn Breet, Kay Heberling, Barbara Miller, David Brewster, Marlene Haney, Dr. Colleen Hunter, Dr. Jody Graves, Dennis Haney
(23mn 43s)

Variation III in the Manner of Chopin / Mario Braggiotti
Performer: Josh Lindberg, Jeremy Larson
(2mn 50s)

Waltz, Op. 64, No. 1 in D flat Major / Frederic Chopin
Performer: Joyce Hawkins, Margaret Presley
(3mn 11s)

Clair de lune from "Suite Bergamasque" / Claude Debussy, arr. First Piano Quartet
Performer: Laurie Eash, Cheryle Green, Barbara Heckenlively, Valerie Roubous
(4mn 59s)

En Bateau / Claude Debussy
Performer: Meghan Watkins, Valerie Roubous
(4mn 10s)

Theme and Variation I in the Manner of Bach / Mario Braggiotti
Performer: RiLee Skidmore, Mathias Maughan
(2mn 25s)

C.S. Theme and Variations for one piano, four hands Op. 6 / Randall Compton
Performer: Savannah Bukant, Molly Clemenson, Becky Hardy, Eun-song Koh, Cameron Lea, Dallin Olson, Heather Safe, Regan Siglin
(3mn 48s)



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Ghostly Composers (Show #2)