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EWU Composers Forum



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Coast / Alex Wolfe
Performer: Alex Wolfe, Nick Rice, Riley Gray, Art Corcoran, Kelly Buxton, Garret Stannard
(6mn 10s)

Algorithmic Study / Becca Castillo
Performer: Becca Castillo
(3mn 1s)

11-Limit Matrix / Ben L. Robertson
Performer: Ben L. Robertson, Holly Amend, Nathanael Ankeny, Natalya Lainhart, Brian Mueller
(9mn 18s)

Algorithmic Study / Brian Burke
Performer: Brian Burke
(3mn 3s)

Algorithmic Study / Christina Jill Pendleton
Performer: Christina Jill Pendleton
(2mn 40s)

Algorithmic Study / Daniel Craig
Performer: Daniel Craig
(4mn 54s)

Algorithmic Study / David Kobaly
Performer: David Kobaly
(4mn 16s)

Algorithmic Study / Jeremy Larson
Performer: Jeremy Larson
(50s 782ms)

Envy / Jeremy Larson
Performer: Jeremy Larson
(1mn 15s)

Orbits in Canon / Jonathan Middleton & Henri Penttinen
Performer: Jonathan Middleton, Natalya Lainhart, Tyler Trepanier
(2mn 47s)

Algorithmic Study / Kyle Nash
Performer: Kyle Nash
(4mn 14s)

Ectoplasm / Natalya Lainhart
Performer: Natalya Lainhart
(7mn 31s)

Algorithmic Study / Nicholas Bailey
Performer: Nicholas Bailey
(1mn 11s)

Ludwig Van Behalen / Nicholas Bailey
Performer: Nicholas Bailey, Brian Burke
(4mn 11s)

? /

(2mn 40s)



Performance Date

Winter 2010

Performance Type

Other Performance



EWU Composers Forum