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Composers Forum

Performance Title

Composers Forum



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E Major Fugue / Christopher Knight
Performer: Christopher Knight
(2mn 13s)

Duet for Clarinet & Trombone / Davis Hill
Performer: Davis Hill, Josh Lindberg, Joseph Boucher
(5mn 11s)

The Power of Chords / EWU Composers
Performer: EWU Composers
(3mn 57s)

A Woman of Contradictions / Henry McNulty
Performer: Henry McNulty, Liz Oyama
(5mn 52s)

Musing / Jill Pendleton
Performer: Jill Pendleton
(4mn 25s)

Canon in Ab Major / Joseph Boucher
Performer: Joseph Boucher, Don Goodwin, Davis Hill
(1mn 19s)

Twenty-two Statements / Kelly Fox
Performer: Kelly Fox, Davis Hill
(5mn 15s)

Canon in Eb Major /
Performer: Kristopher Schubach, Deborah Branch
(43s 514ms)

The Saddest of All Keys / Michael Gerety
Performer: Michael Gerety, Don Goodwin, Davis Hill
(1mn 11s)

Cetus / Natalya Lainhart, Ben L. Robertson
Performer: Natalya Lainhart, Ben L. Robertson, Hannah Lainhart, Davis Hill
(9mn 4s)

Modus Novus / Nicholas Bailey
Performer: Nicholas Bailey, Don Goodwin
(4mn 3s)

My Canon / Randi Shaw
Performer: Randi Shaw, Don Goodwin, Henry McNulty
(39s 915ms)

Canon in Four Voices / Ricardo Montesinos
Performer: Ricardo Montesinos, Carrie Crosby, Jassminne Burke, Jonathan Barnes
(1mn 47s)



Performance Date

Fall 2010

Performance Type

Other Performance



Composers Forum