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High School Creative Arts Summer Series Final Production



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Greetings from Don S. Patterson, President

Fa Una Canzone / Vecchi
Performers: Choir

Prayer to Jesus / Oldroyd
Performers: Choir

Selections from Carousel / Rodgers-Hammerstein
Performers: Choir

Debate - Resolved: That the HSCASS dorm curfew should be the same for boys as for girls.
Performers: Kim Bowlby, Jean Tracy, Linda Vopnford, Stephanie Webb

Scherzo / T. Steward Smith
Performers: Woodwind Ensemble

The Harmonica Player
Performers: Susan Stewart, Linda Keller

Bouree for Bach from 2nd English Suite / J.S. Bach
Performers: Vocal Ensemble

Gypsy in My Soul / Norman Leyden
Performers: Vocal Ensemble

Performers: Julie Norton

Sonata X
Performers: String Ensemble

Serenade in Four Movements / Mozart
Performers: String Ensemble

Mother Goofs / Ostling
Performers: Brass Ensemble

Billy the Kid Waltz / Aaron Copland
Performers: Julia Ames, Nancy Hanes

Selections from Sound of Music / Rodgers-Hammerstein
Performers: Band

March - HSCASS / Ralston Pitts
Performers: Band

Scholarships and Awards Presentation

American Salute / Marton Gould
Performers: Band



Performance Date



MLT0443; MLT0444; MLT0445




First five pieces on MLT0443; pieces six through ten on MLT0444; pieces eleven through thirteen on MLT0445

High School Creative Arts Summer Series Final Production