2022 Celebration of Scholarly Works

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Graduate Student

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Dane Vulcan OTR/L

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Spring 2022


Occupational Therapy


The purpose of this research was to identify the psycho-emotional needs of family-caregivers of individuals who sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and measure if there was a change in knowledge among occupational therapists, and occupational therapy students following a two-hour seminar covering topics identified in the literature. The topics covered in the seminar included the concept of ambiguous loss, the importance of validating emotions, the caregiver grieving process, and the importance of providing caregiver resources. To measure the change in knowledge, researchers utilized primarily a quantitative research design using pre- and post-test questionnaires with Likert- scale questions. The questionnaire also included a small number of qualitative, free response, follow up questions. A total of 15 participants completed the questionnaires and the quantitative data indicated an overall increase in knowledge among participants in this study. The qualitative, free-response questions were used to explore the clinical utility of this seminar and to determine directions for future research. The results of this research suggest that there is value in providing this type of education to occupational therapy clinicians and students. This type of seminar could be a valuable tool that better prepares occupational therapy clinicians to address the psycho-emotional needs of caregivers supporting an individual with a TBI.