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Spring 2017

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Master of Science (MS) in Biology




Seasonal and directional movements, and distributions of Bull Trout and Lake Trout between Priest Lake and Upper Priest Lake, Idaho, were studied from May 2015 to April 2017. Lake Trout (n=220) and Bull Trout (n=40) movements were monitored using Lotek JSATS transmitters and hydrophones both passively, using gate formations at either end of the Thorofare, and actively in both lakes. No significant difference was found between directional or seasonal movements of either species (P>0.05) and all movements were observed when water surface temperatures were below 15oC. Poisson regression analysis indicated that there were significantly more detections by the Upper Priest Lake array than the Priest Lake array (P<0.01). Bull Trout distributions in Upper Priest Lake varied significantly between near shore and open water detections, with a higher use of near shore sites (P<0.05). Lake Trout tagged in two locations within Priest Lake were not more likely to migrate towards the Priest Lake acoustic array (P>0.05). Lake Trout distributions in Priest Lake varied insignificantly from their original capture and release points (P>0.05). These results indicate that Lake Trout have use the southern portion of Priest Lake at high rates and movement to Upper Priest Lake is random.

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