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Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science


Computer Science


"This paper describes the wireless electronic system for the scoring of competition Kendo matches. This system is composed of an Arduino UNO microcontroller board with force sensing resistor pads located on the outside of the combatants Kendo armor. These pads sense the amount of force applied by each combatant as they strike their opponent. The system also utilizes Window Comparator Chips to determine if the strike is of sufficient force. If the force is sufficient the Arduino UN0 board reports the hit via a Bluetooth modem to a laptop. The program running on the laptop records the time of the hit as well as which combatant accomplished the hit. The program then waits for a signal from the head judge to signify if the exchange was legitimate. This system was developedo ensure accuracy as well as consistency in the judging process. While most head judges are trained and experienced, they are still subject to human limitations of bias and speed. In other words, the accuracy of the human eye can't match the accuracy of the wireless electronic Kendo scoring system. This project provides an understanding of the interactions and limitations between real time sensors and computer hardware, which may lead to improvements in material as well as architecture for systems that go beyond martial arts applications, such as measuring the grip of a stroke victim's grip or other forms of patient therapy"--Document.


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