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Master of Arts (MA) in English: Literature




"Studies of postcolonial literature often focus on works that pertain to the East such as African or Indian nations. Written works such as Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, and film such as Bollywood or Nollywood offer perspective for students of English Literature on the struggle of Eastern writers and filmmakers for acceptance into the canon. Some critics, such as Edna Aizenberg, have addressed the question of whether postcolonialism should include Latin American writers. In this work, I contend that Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges does have a place in postcolonial studies, although I assert that he takes postcolonialism to a new level - beyond the politically charged works of most postcolonial writers. This essay explores the effects that Borges' life has had on his works, as well as his ability to convey the essence of his homeland with a style that combines the tropes of the center with those of Latin America, and in so doing, shows how Borges has transcended the barriers of the European canon for Latin American writers"--Document.


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