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Master of Science (MS) in Biology




"The objectives of this study were to describe the growth of northern pike, describe the food habits of northern pike and using bioenergetics modeling assess the mass and total numbers of each species of forage fish the northern pike population consumed in Box Canyon Reservoir,Pend Orielle River, Washington. Northern pike (n=328) were collected by boat electrofishing, fyke netting, angling and gillnetting in 2009 and 2010. All northern pike were sacrificed to obtain stomach contents. Stomach contents were examined in the laboratory and identified to the appropriate level; amphibians and mammals to species, insect prey (aquatic/terrestrial) to family and prey fish to species. Using standard regression equations from Hansel et al. (1988) and those developed for the EWU bone reference collection the length of ingested prey items at time of ingestion were estimated. A standard set of regression equations were then used to convert the estimated length of forage fish to estimate their weight at time of ingestion"--Document.


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