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Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science


Computer Science


"The characteristics of school organizations and their reactions to change are critical to success in educational reform and necessary to the health of an organization and the well-being of its members. Organizational change, in order to be effective and sustainable, can use technology but it must also accommodate the need to simplify complexity in schools. Organizing student attendance, current grade status and school bus information, such as between the school and bus stops, on field trips or traveling to other activities outside of school, including sporting events, will ensure that parents know their kids are safe and physically accounted for at school events. In response to the need for better organization of student records and communication between parents and children in the school environment, this thesis concentrated on the development of an electronic communication system, the Educational Communication System (ECS). The ECS system was developed as both an iPhone App and a web interface. As a result of this system, parents will be able to track their children in real time plus ECS will reduce errors that may occur when there is misinformation between the student and parent or between the school and students or parents. Preliminary user feedback showed the usefulness of this system for parents, teachers and school administrators with an overall likeability rate of 92.3%"--Document.