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Rosalee Allan

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Spring 5-4-2020


Health Services Administration


The Covid-19 outbreak was an unexpected pandemic that first appeared in Wuhan, China. This virus has spread rapidly to over 150 countries causing tens and thousands of deaths. In addition to the human lives lost, the Coronavirus pandemic cost the global economy $9 Trillion of economic losses as a result of diminished business activity. This paper will review several secondary resources to try to identify the key failures of the public health warning systems here in the US and address their shortcomings. It will also examine the proactive measures some countries like Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore have put in place early on which helped them bring down the spread of the disease to a manageable level. This is critical because if the countries healthcare system is overwhelmed, then the mortality rate begins to rise drastically as patients who would normally overcome the disease with proper medical care end up dying due to lack of it.

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