Faculty Mentor

Rosalee Allan

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Publication Date

Spring 5-3-2020


Health Services Administration


The maternal mortality rate in America is currently very high and is increasing every year. Currently the maternal mortality rate in America is 16.9 deaths for every 100,000 births. America is ranked 138 out of 184 in the worlds maternal mortality rate scale. This is seemingly very high seeing as we are a developed first world country and we have the information to help lower this rate. In this study it will review maternal mortalities rates worldwide and compare maternal practices in other countries to Americas maternal practices. There are many documents and scholarly works on maternal mortality around the world. This study will be going over the studies that review maternal care in America and compare them to the studies done by countries with the lowest maternal mortality rates around the world. Then it will compare and contrast what the other countries are doing right and what America is lacking. The purpose of this study is to showcase this serious problem that seems to be overlooked in America. The fact is that the maternal mortality rate is very high and there is not a conscious effort going on in American healthcare to lower this curve. In this study, it will help to bring some clarity on where our country seems to be lacking and how we could fix. Seeing what is being done correctly in other countries and starting to model our own system after that could be very beneficial to America.