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Rosalee Allan

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Spring 5-18-2020


Health Services Administration


Heavy industrial pollution is detrimental to the health of community members, especially regarding the respiratory system. Even more so, these pollutants are hindering the health of individuals, beginning in their childhood years. As children are being exposed to such pollutants, this level of pollution can potentially harm the neurological development of the child. This harm has been associated with cognitive and motor delays, behavioral disorders, among other health issues. There is an abundance of research and data retrieved on the effects of urbanization and pollution on the health of children that are constantly around such toxic environments. The purpose of this study is to present an integration of data and analyses of the impact pollution has on children short- and long-term. Secondary research methods were utilized to gain insight on the impact of air pollution in the health of children. This study is intended to provide an overall analysis of such research and the potential methods of prevention and protection from the hindrance of the health of community members.

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