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Spring 5-27-2020


Health Services Administration


Mental health is a condition in regard to the human brain and how the human brain is neurologically triggered. Millions of people are diagnosed with clinical depression every year, but are not aware of how to maintain a healthy mental status once they are diagnosed. Clinical depression is not only a condition, but also a state of mind which results in the need of being active as much as possible to prevent the feelings of loneliness and sadness. There are several medications available to treat the mental illness, however they can be costly. One cost efficient way experts have found to treat clinical depression is through outdoor physical activity. Research also suggests that being physically active outdoors helps people with clinical depression automatically feel better about themselves due to the opportunity of stress, anxiety, and depression relief being present. The purpose of this study is to show the positive effects that outdoor physical activity has on the mental health status of adults with clinical depression. Although health within the brain is not visual to the human eye like physical health, it is just as important to keep a healthy mental status due to the negative effects clinical depression can cause.

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