Is anyone listening? An assessment of stakeholder valuation of an organization’s architecture of listening

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Dr. Galina Sinekopova


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Communication Studies


The purpose of this research is to analyze blue-collar employee valuation of organizational listening environments. It is hypothesized that these organizations do not harbor architectures of listening, and that negatively impacts employee participation in organizations, which results in less-than-optimal organizational performance due to a lack of leveraging the human capital welled within. To investigate this, a balance of Likert-scale and open-ended questions will be utilized to survey purposefully selected populations composed of skilled or unskilled laborers employed within the construction, manufacturing, and distribution industries. Questions revolve around whether employees have ideas that would benefit the organization, whether the industry culture supports the sharing of those ideas, and why or why not the employees share their ideas. Survey responses will be analyzed and included in the final thesis.

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