Endolysins as a novel acne medication - Social media campaign and Competition Composition

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Luis Matos, PhD


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Oral Presentation

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This project has acted as a linkage between the EWU biotech department and the design department by directly supporting and advertising the work of our biotech students. "Endolysins as a novel acne medication" is a project created by the biotech program that is among the finalists for the Eagles $40,000 start-up challenge . For the final competition, the group wanted to create a video which could succinctly explain the basic-science concepts and business-potential to a broader audience. In addition, they wanted a composition which would be viable for a social-media campaign. The final product submitted here is the collaboration between biotech and design. The video was created utilizing design principles and artistic graphic structure to develop an infographic animation that presents the idea in a functional, aesthetic, and emotional way. A variety of Adobe applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects were used. Audacity was utilized for the sound effects and audio editing. The design was structured using consistent assets developing a story to connect to the audience/viewers in a deeper, emotional way to clearly and accurately convey the idea for, science behind and practical application of Endolysins as a novel acne medication.

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