Through the Eyes of Others

Faculty Mentor

Galina Sinekopova


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Document Type

Oral Presentation

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Communication Studies


Cultural identity perceptions are established within the frameworks of Symbolic Interactionism. With this framework through research, I identify the organization’s Self Identity in comparison to others outside of the organization using social media. A research study conducted on the Spokane International Film Festival (SpIFF) helps identify the difference between Social and Self- Identity. Information studied has reviewed The Spokane International Film Festival, which showcases several films, documentaries, and short films from around the world using a strict quantitative methodology to understand identity. Self-Identity is determined by the breadth of diversity displayed in the array of films shown at the festival. SpIFF’s Social Identity is determined by analyzing the origin of profile mentions on Social Media and basing diversity on the variance of origin of the post. By analyzing the Self-Identity in comparison to Social Identity, results indicate that SpIFF’s Self-Identity is more diverse than its Social Identity. Based on the findings, I report on cultural implications from this study and outline further areas of research to be conducted. Reporting methods and evidence found in this essay should be used as a framework for critical analysis of organizations and the causation for further work on a restructuring of Social Identity.

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