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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


Carlos Santana, a musician born in Mexico and raised in America, has spent his entire career creating music for the masses. In 1966, he formed the Santana Blues Band whom, over the next several decades, would become internationally known for their music and charitable nature. Using his fame to promote the good in the world, Santana has become an international icon for the Latino community. Using scholarly and newspaper sources like, Carlos Santana by L.C. Slavicek and the article Santana from The Latino American Experience, I will explore in more detail Santana’s influence on the Chicano community in America. I analyze the way Santana has used his music and fame to raise funds for charities helping people who have been affected by poverty, natural disasters, and other problems. I examine the ways in which Santana has been able to raise awareness of the issues that many Chicano’s face in American society, such immigration. Finally, I delve further into how Santana, through his music, has helped create a better acceptance of the Chicano culture in today’s mainstream American culture.