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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


Corridos are songs that tell a true story about an event, these songs were written to express the importance of this hero or a heroic action. With time the music has evolved to include lyrics glorifying drug smuggling and extreme violence. Just like hip hop, Narcocorridos challenge the government by singing about their success in the drug business. I will utilize online newspapers, articles and lyrics compose and sung by corridistas themselves. Multiple artists have been ambushed and suffered terrible deaths resulting from the turf war the drug cartels have started and the songs and lyrics they compose. Factors leading to this violence are that cartels often sponsor the singers to sing songs about their own organization. The human and drug smuggling organization are the main industries for the Mexican cartels. These occurrences are what give the artist a story to sing about in his next song. My paper will show the form the cartels use the music to recruit other members and flaunt their power.