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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


In the U.S., many cultures and languages are in contact and many consider it to possess only one universal culture. However, often conflict arises as a result of the close proximity shared by all these different elements. In this investigation, I will concentrate on the experiences of Latino-Americans in the United States specifically related to language. Many Latinos in this country hold on to their linguistic heritage and, in varying degrees, speak Spanish. However, due to the duality of their identities, it is not uncommon for Latinos to encounter conflict within themselves and confrontations with others. Linguistically, there is a blending of their maternal language and the dominant language in the U.S resulting in Spanglish and a linguistic function is referred to as code switching. There is a cultural academic stigma associated code switchers resulting in many conflicts. Using sources such as Online Databases and research done by linguistics scholars, I will determine whether these stigmas are based on fact or prejudice and what factors lead to code switching and diglossia.