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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


This paper as a whole will talk about the Chicanos assimilation into our United States sporting system. With a focus on soccer, and more specifically the MLS (Major League Soccer) this paper will discuss the successes and the failures they’ve had in regards to assimilation... Following that there will be a section of educated opinions and speculations about the future that will be backed up with research such as the rise in population of Chicanos on the rosters from the founding of MLS in 1996 to the present. Using “Chicano and/or Mexicans” as key words to my search in US sports brings a lot of results but when fined tuned to soccer the analysis is much more possible because the amount was far greater. The research seen so far shows that Chicano culture and Chicano people are common in some sports but in others it is nonexistent. This paper will expose the truth on the underrepresentation and assimilation of Chicanos as a whole in the US sport system.