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This issue of the National Smokejumper Association (NSA) Smokejumper Magazine contains the following articles: Wildfire Suppression - A Problem No; One Can Solve?; Large Fire Growth; Firefighting Costs Soar as They; Reflect Today's Methodology; Stop the Fire - No Fault Fire Zones; A Campus and Curricula for a U.S. Forest Service Academy; Klump Pump Offers Many Significant Advantages; Letter to the Editor of the Missouli; Fixed Lookouts vs. Aerial Detection; Fire Lookouts: Then, Now, and Maybe Always; Let's Talk About the Chetco Bar Megafire; Hiring Problems; Management of Wildfires on National Forest Lands; The Forest Fire Debate; Sounding Off from the editor; Struggle with the Titan; Former Jumper Davis Perkins - Ever Watchful; Off the List; Snapshots from the Past; Jerry Chisum: At the Controls; Wherever; You Find Him; Odds and Ends; The Jump List; Sexual Harassment... There Is More To It; Blast from the Past. Smokejumper Magazine continues Static Line, which was the original title of the NSA quarterly magazine.


National Smokejumper Association


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Forest Management

Smokejumper Magazine, October 2018