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Herb died April 19,1986. He was born July 31,1918, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and went through the local school systems there. He was active in the Congregational Church. He was drafted into the Civilian Public Service (CPS) in 1942 and was among the first of the conscientious objectors to be trained as a smokejumper. Herb jump all three years of the program. After his release in 1946, he returned to Minneapolis and worked as a carpenter. Starting in the 1950s, Herb was active in the peace movement and one of his sons spent 18 months in a Federal prison for refusing induction into the service during the Vietnam War. Herb developed a blood cancer before his death in the spring of 1986. From his wife: "While in CPS, he became acquainted with the Society of Friends (Quakers) who gave him support during the time of his illness. We both believed that our lives did make a difference in the community, in that we tried to lead our lives consistent to the teaching of Jesus."



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August 2020


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