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Bob Fogg, former Smokejumper Pilot and Johnson Flying Service Chief Pilot and Manager of McCall Operations, died 1/18/1978 of complications from emphysema. Bob was a pioneer bush pilot and perfected his mountain and canyon flying skills under Bob and Dick Johnson of Johnson Flying Service in Cascade, Idaho and Missoula, Montana. From 1944 until 1976, he shared a long and very fond history of flying smokejumpers out of Mc Call, Idaho. During those years he piloted jumpers to fires in the Idaho backcountry in aircraft, including Ford Tri-motors, Tavelair 6000, AT-11 and C-45 Twin Beechcraft, and in his final years, Cessna 206 Skywagons. During his flying career, he was also recipient of a 20-year Idaho Safety Pilot and Million Mile Pilot Award from the State of Idaho Aeronautics. He also served as a member of the Idaho State House of Representatives from 1963 to 1965. Like many smokejumper pilots, he considered it an honor to be a member of the smokejumper fraternity.



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November 2004


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Smokejumper Obituary: Fogg, Bob (Pilot 0000)