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Martin Meraz Garcia

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Chicano Education


Between 1960 and 2013 the number of Physicians in the United States with Latinx background increased by 3.8%. For example, 7% out of 70,000 bachelor’s degrees in 1986 were acquired by Latinxs. This research examined will address why the health industry is lacking Latinxs in medical professions, along with what factors are impeding them to get into the Medical Field. The methods used will consist of scholarly and peer reviewed articles. Based on preliminary research, the factors contributing to this underrepresentation include lack of role models and resources, as well as urban schools that are infested with violence, drugs, and poverty as they are not equally funded, and financially not able to succeed. Lastly, the Latinx students that do get a higher education, they feel discouraged attending predominantly white institutions. Some solutions proposed include placing methods used by Hispanic Serving Institutions in Universities and placing more programs like Gear Up, AVID, or Excelencia in Education into schools; so that from an early age a successful college mindset is established in Latino students.