Meeting Minutes, June 1999

National Smokejumper Association Executive Committee


Minutes of the executive committee meeting held ll May l999.
Treasurers Report:
$5000 from the video fund for Steve Smith to cover current expenses.
how profits from the sale of footage from the video should be spent.
Requests to allow more flexibility and independence in spending.
Membership Report: procedure limits report.
Old Business:
SA's plan to move to new quarters.
Adopt-A-Trail program.
Progress of the Redding reunion. New Business:
Move to new quarters.
Part time employee.
Progress report on the director's election.
Progress of the News Letter.
Ways to boost membership.
Mailing informing former jumpers about the Mann Gulch commemoration.
Making some sort of formal commitment by the NSA in favor of continuing the smokejumper program.
Volunteer help needed for the NSA.
Base liason people for all bases except West Yellowstone.